Dear Friends and Colleagues, this is to inform you about important changes related to the future activities of DAAD in Kazakhstan.

Over the past few years Germany and many other countries in which the DAAD operates Information Centres have significantly refined their labour and tax laws. Due to various legal and administrative reasons it was necessary that the DAAD evaluated its Information Centres worldwide.
As a result of these developments the DAAD is now restructuring its entire international network.

For Central Asia in concordance with the German Federal Foreign Office it has been decided that a substantial DAAD Regional Office („DAAD-Außenstelle”) in Bishkek will be set up, which will beside Kyrgyzstan also be responsible for Kazakhstan.

A regional Office is a great chance with a significant potential for synergy, as for instance event formats or journeys which will be offered for the whole region. In addition, the regionalisation will provide opportunities to develop transnational projects and concepts. By establishing the new regional office in Bishkek, we aim to strengthen the academic collaboration of Central Asia countries with each other as well as with Germany and the European Union.

As the services of the Information Centre Almaty will be taken over by the new regional Office in Bishkek, the office in Almaty is closed from December 31st, 2022.

Basic information will be available on the following websites:
Scholarship Database –
Study in Germany –
Study programs and universities in Germany –
Research in Germany –
You will be able to ask your questions from January 2023, using the contact form:

Best regards,
Your DAAD Team