Programme Description

The programme enables academics from all over the world to undertake one-to-three-month research residencies at the Berlin institutions of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (SPK). Funding is available for research projects, if they are related to the multi-faceted institutions of the Foundation. The programme primarily addresses foreign researchers, giving them the opportunity to work in the Foundation's museums, libraries and archives, make professional contacts and participate in the academic and cultural life of the SPK. The scholarship amounts vary depending on the candidates' qualifications. Academics with a first higher-education degree receive 900 EUR per month, whereas post-doctoral researchers or applicants with equivalent qualifications are granted 1,200 EUR each month. In addition, the sponsorship includes a one-off travel allowance of 500 EUR.

Target Group

graduates, doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers whose research projects are related to the institutions of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation

Academic Requirements

a first higher-education degree at least

Number of Scholarships

about 30


1 to 3 months

Scholarship Value

  • candidates with a first higher-education degree: 900 EUR per month
  • post-doctoral researchers or candidates with equivalent qualification: 1,200 EUR each month
In addition, a one-off travel allowance of 500 EUR may be granted.

Application Papers

Candidates are requested to directly apply at the institution of their choice. Please note that application deadlines differ. See the details on the participating institutions, information on the sponsorship programme and the relevant contacts here.

Application Deadline

Application deadlines differ and may be requested at the individual institutions.

Өтініш беру үшін мәртебеңізді және шыққан еліңізді таңдаңыз.

Мәртебе және / немесе шыққан ел ұсынылған тізімдерде белгілі емес?Егер сіздің мәртебеңіз және / немесе шыққан еліңіз ұсынылған тізімде жоқ болса, онда сіз бұл стипендиялық бағдарламаға қатыса алмайсыз. Барлық стипендиялық бағдарламалардың тізімін көру үшін мәртебеңізді және шыққан еліңізді таңдаңыз.